The Kubo Journey: What to expect from the Kubo Kitchen design process

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As you may expect, a kitchen refurbishment project isn’t a quick process but we believe that great things take time – and are always worth it, in the end! It’s natural to feel hesitant about such a large project, especially when it means the heart of your home is out of action for a while, but we want to assure you that every moment we spend on your project is purposeful, productive and contributory to a stunning end result.

Update About Kubo Kitchen’s Covid Guidelines

As you might expect, our business, like thousands of others, has had to make changes in recent months to ensure not only are our customers safe but the Kubo team is too. COVID19 has presented issues for many businesses, but rest assured, we’re doing everything in our power to ensure that we are sticking to regulations and keeping you safe throughout your Kubo journey. Check out our Covid guidelines for more information.

It can be hard to estimate the timeline of a project, as our kitchen designs are unique to your needs. This year, we’re also having to take into account the additional delays that Brexit may bring, so we are encouraging our customers to get in touch to discuss starting their Kubo Kitchens’ journey sooner rather than later (we are already booked up for the next three months!).

If you are interested in your own bespoke Kubo kitchen then get in touch for your free 30-minute consultation, or if you’d like to learn more about what’s included in the Kubo Kitchen design-installation journey, keep reading…

So, where does a kitchen refurbishment begin?

Initial Kitchen Design Consultation

We offer a free 30-minute design consultation with one of the Kubo Kitchen team to discuss your ideas for your kitchen renovation. From layouts, to materials, to intelligent storage options, this call is all about understanding your initial ideas and what would suit you or your family’s needs.

If you don’t have any ideas but know that you need a refresh, then no problem, we can do that too! If you would rather have the call over Zoom so you can show us your current kitchen, we’d be more than happy to do so!

Kitchen Design Service

After our initial call, we arrange a visit to your home where we can ensure your dream kitchen can become a reality. We look at the practical aspects such as pipework and electricals to confirm what is possible and discuss budget so we can find something that works for you.

Once we’ve got a clear idea of what you’re looking for, we can start to generate a beautiful design that encompasses all your practical needs and aesthetic desires within your budget.

We’ll invite you to join a zoom call with us, so that we can present a concept design to you. We’re happy to make one set of amendments to this design after you’ve chosen (or at least shortlisted) which Kubo Kitchen you’d like.

We’ll invite you to join a zoom call with us, so that we can present a concept design to you. We’re happy to make one set of amendments to this design after you’ve chosen (or at least shortlisted) which Kubo Kitchen you’d like.

Once you’re 100% happy with the designs and have made a commitment to proceed, we’ll forward the entire design so you and your family can view it at your leisure.

Are you worried about not having a kitchen during the project? No one wants to eat microwave meals every day, so a temporary kitchen could be exactly what you need. External kitchen ‘pods’ give you the ability to continue cooking your favourite meals while we are busy crafting your new kitchen. The Temporary Kitchen Company provide Modular Kitchen Pods in a variety of sizes with the option of adding different appliances to suit your needs. Explore their temporary kitchen pods here, and we’ll arrange everything for you! Watch this space, one of our current projects will be using this service, pictures to be posted soon.

Watch this space, one of our current projects will be using this service, pictures to be posted soon.

Home Survey

Having created a stunning design for your new kitchen, the next stage is to confirm the practical aspects of the project. Our designer and one of our fitting experts will visit your home to carry out a detailed pre-installation survey – including where we can access services such as mains water, your fuse box and where we should place the skip.

Our comprehensive pre-installation checklist will help us deliver the best possible results for you. We can quickly establish if there are any access issues with the site or utilities (gas, electric or water), and identify if anything has the potential to cause a delay so we can minimise disruption to you and your neighbours.

New Kitchen Installation

The installation process involves a few different stages from demolition, electrical layout, plumbing, aesthetic installation (flooring, cabinets, worktops), and finishing touches.

We know inviting a team of people into your home can be intimidating and a lot of trust is involved in such a large project, but we ensure that our small team are highly skilled and have a long history of working with Kubo Kitchens. We believe communication is key, so check out one of our recent blog posts about how to get the most out of your kitchen renovation!

All of our skilled and friendly Tradespeople work in accordance with the latest safety regulations and work to an exceptionally high standard across all disciplines of carpentry, plumbing, electrics and gas.

After your brand-new kitchen is completed, we make sure to carry out a thorough clean and tidy, to ensure everything is in perfect condition before we do a final walk-through with you. Together, we inspect your new kitchen with a fine-tooth comb, checking for any touch-ups to make sure you’re thrilled with your new kitchen.

And that’s it!

Your Kubo Kitchens journey is complete and you can start settling into your new bespoke kitchen which perfectly suits you and your family’s needs.

Please note: this is a typical design process which could be altered with significant changes to plumbing and other alterations.

Recent Kubo Kitchen Refurbishment Case Study

A customer and personal friend of mine, Duncan, wanted to refresh his tired kitchen in preparation for his and his lovely wife, Shai’s growing family. With a two-year-old and another expected in six months, Duncan wanted a more functional space that would be both practical and suit their budget.

We chatted openly about their budget, as I do with all my customers, then we kicked off their Kubo journey with the bold proposals to take down all three walls and create an open-plan space. Duncan also specified under-floor heating as a non-negotiable, so after the trip to the Second Nature Design Centre (a very important part of the Kubo Kitchen Journey, reserved for customers with a £20k+ budget) we decided to make some adjustments to stay within budget. The final spec still included Quartz worktops and upstands, undermount sink, integrated appliances, induction hob and an island with a small breakfast bar!

Once confirmed, I sent across the detailed schedule for the project so Duncan and Shai could have a better idea of what would happen when. We ran into a slight issue connecting the underfloor heating as our electrician discovered wiring without fuse protection but it was immediately resolved as the Kubo team never turn a blind eye.

There was a good two weeks of kitchen prep before the work began, a week as the kitchen furniture was fitted then a week to manufacture the worktops after they were templated. It was a lot of work but when we say it was an incredible transformation, it truly was. Duncan and Shai are now proud owners of a modern, light and completely open-plan family space, and because we delivered on time, they’ve got a good three months to settle in before the next exciting chapter of their life starts.

Before/After of our Case Study Recent Kitchen Refurbishment

Kitchen Refurbishment Bordon Alton Before
Kitchen Refurbishment Bordon Alton Before 2
Kitchen Transformation Before Photos

Kitchen Refurbishment Bordon Alton After
Kitchen Transformation After Photos

At Kubo Kitchens, our aim is to create beautiful bespoke kitchens that perfectly suit our customers’ needs, so if you would like to find out more about your own refurbishment project and an estimated timeline for your dream kitchen, please do get in touch. We offer a free 30-mins design consultation so you can be assured that we have your dreams in sight.

Maybe you want something unique and interesting for your new kitchen?We have partnered with high-quality Spanish tile manufacturers, Dune Tiles, to bring you an amazing offer. When you book your 30-minute design consultation with us in February and March 2021, you can choose a Dune Tiles sample of your choice totally free of charge (subject to availability). Browse Dune’s stunning tile designs https://dune.es/en/ and get in touch to book your free 30-minute design consultation with the Kubo Kitchen experts.

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