Renew and Refresh: Your Top 8 Reasons for a Kitchen Renovation

Your Top 8 Reasons for Kitchen Renovation

At Kubo Kitchens we truly believe the kitchen is the hub of the home, so as we enter the New Year having spent the majority of 2020 indoors is there a chance your kitchen needs a refresh 

Over the years, our customers have given us a wide variety of reasons why they have decided to renovate their kitchensWe’ve put together our top 8 so you can spot when it’s time to think about an update! 

1) Not enough workspace  

We all know the feeling of too many cooks in the kitchen (especially over the festive season) but it can be made even worse when there’s not enough workspace. The kitchen should be a place where you and your loved ones can prepare a beautiful meal for your family, so not having enough counter space can be a real challenge. 

more spacious worktop means you have plenty of room for your kitchen appliances without sacrificing your food preparation areas or risking an unnecessary tango around sizzling pans and open oven doors! 

2) The Tardis cupboard  

Everyone has that cupboard – the one you dread opening for fear of the avalanche of Tupperware cascading across the kitchen floor. The Tardis cupboard is a common kitchen irritant, but more intelligent storage solutions could help you organise your kitchen in a way that works for you. 

At Kubo Kitchens, our collaborative design process means we can truly understand your needs and create an innovative and stylish kitchen that suits them perfectly.  

3) Built Under Ovens  

While ovens have traditionally been located beneath the counter-top level, Kubo Kitchens believe in using ergonomic design to situate the oven at eye-level.  

It means you can keep a better eye on your food and makes it much easier to remove on time – so less wafting at the smoke alarm when you forget about your dinner! 

4) Wear and tear 

As family living has evolved, the kitchen has become more than just a space for cooking and more a secondary social space for family and friendsSo, with all the extra action your kitchen has seen, wear and tear is very likely.  

From worktops splitting to broken tiles and missing handles, there’s only so long you can manage with these minor but impactful damages – it might be time to give your tired kitchen the refresh it deserves! 

5) It doesn’t suit us! 

We think your kitchen should work for you, which is why our bespoke design journey is unique to each and every customer. Small features can make a huge difference to the way you feel about your kitchen.  

Simple things like more plug sockets, moving your sink, new cupboards or a built-in bin underneath your chopping board could revolutionise your kitchen experience.  

6) Inherited kitchen  

If you’ve moved house recently (or even not so recently), it’s common to settle into your new home and then as life takes over, forget about all the ideas you had to update it. Perhaps you never liked it in the first place, but you just haven’t got round to re-designing it in your own way? 

A kitchen shouldn’t just be functional, it should be a space you feel proud of – somewhere you want to spend time with your loved ones. Find a style that suits you and refresh your kitchen with a renewed sense of style.  

7) Broken hardware 

Some damages can’t be ignored (for long). A lot of the time our customers let dripping taps, broken hinges, or slamming cabinet doors bother them for months or even years before finally seeking a kitchen refresh.  

After the project is finished, they can’t believe they lasted so long without a kitchen that suited them to a T! 


8) Inspiration strikes!  

Browsing online or visiting a friend’s house can give you the push you need to kick off a kitchen renovation project (we don’t call it jealousy; we call it inspiration!) 

Spotted a smart storage solution, or fallen in love with a certain interior style? We’re all ears!  

At Kubo Kitchens, our aim is to create beautiful modern space that perfectly suits your family. So, if you would like to learn more about how we could transform your kitchen using stunning and innovative design then please do get in touchwe offer a free no-obligation 30-minute initial design consultation so you can be assured that we’re the right team for you before committing to the project, call us: 01420 544995

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