Washing up in the bath?! Not with Kubo Kitchens…

If the kitchen is, as we believe, the heart of the home, then a kitchen refurbishment could be likened to a heart transplant – a big interruption to the normal rhythm of your household and lifestyle. Without a kitchen every meal has to either be grabbed on the fly, microwaved or even worse, a takeaway! […]

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The Kubo Journey: What to expect from the Kubo Kitchen design process

As you may expect, a kitchen refurbishment project isn’t a quick process but we believe that great things take time – and are always worth it, in the end! It’s natural to feel hesitant about such a large project, especially when it means the heart of your home is out of action for a while, […]

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Your Top 8 Reasons for Kitchen Renovation
Renew and Refresh: Your Top 8 Reasons for a Kitchen Renovation

At Kubo Kitchens we truly believe the kitchen is the hub of the home, so as we enter the New Year having spent the majority of 2020 indoors is there a chance your kitchen needs a refresh?   Over the years, our customers have given us a wide variety of reasons why they have decided to renovate their kitchens. We’ve put together our top 8 so you can spot when it’s time […]

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