Washing up in the bath?! Not with Kubo Kitchens…

If the kitchen is, as we believe, the heart of the home, then a kitchen refurbishment could be likened to a heart transplant – a big interruption to the normal rhythm of your household and lifestyle.

Without a kitchen every meal has to either be grabbed on the fly, microwaved or even worse, a takeaway! For those people who simply can’t live without a kitchen, there is an alternative, but it tends to come at an additional cost. Temporary kitchens have seen a growth in demand in recent years, however we have seen customers spending over £4000 on this garden-based solution.

At Kubo Kitchens, we felt there was a gap in the market – something better than a microwave on the coffee table and something that left more of your budget for its intended purpose of refurbishing your kitchen.

Then, one day we received a call out of the blue from a customer saying his planned holiday (to take place while we were working on his kitchen) had been cancelled last minute so their dream kitchen project had to be put on hold. Reflecting on this predicament, we recalled something a customer had said to us last year:


“I’m fed-up with washing dishes in the bath!”


We knew something had to be done to make sure our customers were not only stunned by their brand-new kitchen but also were content during the entire installation process – enter, Kubo Kub21!

Developed by Kubo Kitchens, Kubo Kub21 is designed to help reduce the disruption to your home during a refurbishment. It provides you with a compact solution to continuing day to day life as normal, making delicious home-cooked meals and avoiding washing up in the bath!

Kubo Kub21 can be installed into a conservatory, utility room or garage and is made up of 2 modular units; one with a sink with a running tap and pump for waste, the other with a storage unit and food prep surface, plus free-standing table-top oven and a two ring induction hob.

At just 4ft long for each unit, Kubo Kub21 provides you with a smart solution to your cooking at home during a refurbishment. We also install a thick vinyl covering to protect your floors and we are in conversation with Quooker to bring in their brilliant boiling water taps too for ultimate compact efficiency. Sign up to our newsletter to find out more about how we work with Quooker to bring you the best deals.

The Kubo Kitchens approach to customer service is always, ‘Right first time!’

Kubo Kitchens owner, Russell says, “Customer service is not a tangible product, but treating or customers like I would want to be treated is a key Kubo quality. Kitchen refurbishments can be a real disruption to a family and can upset the normal flow of life. So, I want to do everything I can to minimise that disruption, from speedy installs to reducing inconvenience.”

No one wants to be washing up in the bath, so our new Kubo Kub21 should be coming with us for most of our future projects! Get in touch with Kubo Kitchens today to discuss your options for bringing your dream kitchen to life. The Kubo Kitchens journey is all about finding something that perfectly suits you and your family’s needs, both in style and functionality.

We offer a free 30-minute initial design consultation with the Kubo Kitchens team so you can feel 100% comfortable and confident before committing. We know not everyone is ready to meet face-to-face with social distancing measures which is why we offer our consultations via your preferred method – Zoom, FaceTime, or the good old fashioned phone call.

We can’t wait to start this journey with you!

Check out our Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn pages to stay up to date, or sign up to our monthly newsletter to keep an eye on our latest deals and stunning projects.

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