Ready to feel rested? Reclaim your bedroom post-pandemic

Nothing compares to a good nights’ sleep, but over the past year, roughly 50% of the UK population have experienced more disturbed sleep – and as we all know, the result is more than a little grouchiness and the need for a double dose of morning coffee.

So, as we ease back into normality, Kubo want to help you get cosy again!

We spend over a third of our lives sleeping, but we think your bedroom should be a place you’re happy to spend time in – asleep or awake!

Clear the clutter

Environment plays a huge factor in helping you feel relaxed, but for many of us, our bedrooms get neglected in favour of the more functional family spaces like the kitchen or living room. With a lack of suitable storage, bedrooms can easily become dumping-grounds for clothes, laundry, shoes and other miscellaneous items that get pushed aside, bundled on a chair or shoved into an over-capacity chest of drawers.

At Kubo, we think there should never be compromises in your home, which is why we work with expert storage company, Kindred, to offer you bedroom furniture which works in both style and functionality. From modern, to classic, the Kindred furniture has a wide selection of storage options that help pull the room together in a smart, stylish, space efficient way.


It’s all about what works for you!

Not all of us have the same needs, so we can’t all have the same solutions – we work together to create a bedroom that works for you. Need more hanging space? want other furniture to complement your new wardrobe? let’s do it! Kindred’s internal bundles  mean you can customise your storage space to suit your exact needs.

Not sure what you need? The Kubo journey is all about helping you through the entire process; from initial design consultation, to selecting the perfect pieces, all the way through to installation – Kubo seamlessly manage the entire project to help you reclaim your bedroom for the haven it should be.

So, whether you’re sipping your morning coffee, getting ready for the day, finding a quiet space to yourself, or settling down for a great night’s sleep, you’re in a space that truly works for you.

The best bit? avoid the flat-pack familial disputes. Our Kubo fitters are experts at installing your bedroom furniture so you can sit back and relax, it’s in good hands!


Let’s get the ball rolling…

We know it can be tricky making changes in your home, that’s why we offer a free no-obligation 30-minute initial design consultation so we can get chatting about your plans before taking any action.

We’re thrilled to now be hosting our initial design consultations in your preferred way. Sick of Zooming? let’s meet in person! Want to show us round your kitchen? let’s get on FaceTime! Need a quick chat on the go? give us a phone call!

We’re all about making the entire process as easy as possible for you, so get in touch today to arrange an initial design consultation that works for you.

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