Behind the Scenes: The Kubo Kitchens & Bedrooms Story

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to watch my business, client pool and network grow, despite the challenges of owning your own business. Having the support of my clients and network has been fundamental for the success of Kubo Kitchens & Bedrooms but recently, it occurred to me that unless you’re a client, business partner or someone I’ve met in-person, you might not be aware of how Kubo Kitchens & Bedrooms started – and who was behind it all.

Well, there’s no time like the present, so in this month’s blog post, I’m giving you the behind the scenes of The Kubo Kitchens & Bedrooms story; how it all began and who’s the brains behind the operation (hint: it’s this smiley guy pictured below).


Hi, I’m Russell, the owner of Kubo Kitchens & Bedrooms. I’ve lived in Alton in Hampshire my whole life and built my business from the ground up before choosing to locate the business at the SiGNAL Village. I started Kubo Kitchens & Bedrooms 11 years ago. Having undergone a name change and re-vamp 3 years ago, the business has become almost entirely kitchen focused.

Why Kubo Kitchens & Bedrooms began

For me, I wanted to create a business which truly put the customer first and built the entire process around them and their needs – after all, we were going to be changing people’s homes, and lives. Kubo Kitchens & Bedrooms is all about helping you bring your dream living spaces to life. We are led by the design process and unlike many other companies, we don’t push our customers to purchase what we need to sell or simply what’s in stock, we help you find what’s right for you and what you’ll love – unbiased and independent.

What’s important to the business?

Transparency is key when it comes to the business and how we help our customers, I believe in giving you all the information you need upfront, no hiding behind the small print or hidden fees. I wanted to create a company that people could trust to transform their homes and allow them to be part of every step of the Kubo Journey; from initial design consultation, to managing without your kitchen during the process and the final walk-through. Most importantly, I like to ask a series of questions at the very first stage, to determine if we are the right fit for each other.

We believe in high-quality products, materials and layouts that truly serve you and your family’s needs – it’s about helping you fall back in love with your home. My customers are discerning people that truly care about the role their kitchen plays in the home; uniting the family, providing a space to entertain and becoming the hub of the home once more (fun fact: did you know Kubo means ‘hub’ in Portuguese?).

As for me…

I love being a part of the local community both in Alton and where the business is based in Bordon. You can often find me cycling the local area; Farringdon, Chawton, Worldham Hill (always a struggle) and Hartley Mauditt (more hills)! After a cycle, I always find time for a swift one (or four) at the Ten Tun Tap House – a new local independent craft beer bar which opened last year, to my absolute joy!

I’ve recently designed a customised club jersey from PrimalEurope that’s sponsored by Kubo, N Foster Plastering and the Ten Tun Tap House – what do you think?


Weekends are spent with my family and friends. My boys play football for Alton Red Sharks and we always make sure to stop off at Acorns Coffee & Cake for a post-match tasty treat!

My family have a long-standing connection with the Alton Rugby Club which meant we were given the amazing recent kitchen refurbishment project. It was brilliant to be able to give back to the community in such a personal way.

Ultimately, it’s about connections – with my customers, with my team and with the local community. Being a part of the journey that reconnects people is a dream come true for me and my small business – and if you’re reading this, you’re part of that too. So, thanks!

Thinking of upgrading your kitchen or bedroom to suit your needs to a T? – I offer a free 30-minute initial design consultation. Let’s make your dreams a reality, together! Get in touch!



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