5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

5 Design Trends for 2021

After a slightly more local summer than we were expecting, it feels surprisingly apt that we should be nestling in for the winter months between the same four walls.

Cosy nights in and heart-warming dinners are what the colder months are all about but as we look towards the New Year, we’re spotting some exciting new trends to help transform your living space in 2021.

Did you know ‘Kubo’ (well, Cubo) means Hub in Portuguese?

At Kubo Kitchens, we truly believe that your home must work for you and your family – both in style and in functionality. The kitchen really is the hub of the home, so designing the perfect space for your family’s needs is our top priority. Our design process combines your needs and style ideas with our in-depth knowledge and experience to create a space that’s unique, functional and perfectly suited. So, needs some ideas for your new kitchen?

Wave goodbye to tired kitchens and impractical appliances, here’s 5 top kitchen design trends you need to know about in 2021.

1) Intelligent compact design

Design isn’t just about looking good; it’s about creating a space that will work best for you and your family. We believe intelligent design is capable of prioritising functionality and efficiency without compromising on aesthetic. Maximising the use of space both in your kitchen and your cabinets, provides the perfect solution to a clutter-free kitchen while helping you fall back in love with this hub for cooking, entertaining and everything in between.

We love these smart storage solutions and these floor to ceiling cabinets which are perfect for smaller galley-style kitchens.


2) Boiling water taps

You might have seen these in offices and occasionally in newer homes, but we can see these nifty sink-side additions becoming a staple part of everyone’s kitchens in 2021. Need a quick coffee between Zoom calls? No need to wait for the kettle to boil, you can get your steaming cuppa with just two taps and a twist! Plus, they are energy efficient and saves you several litres of wasted run-off every day as you wait for the hot water to come through from your boiler or storage tank.

Do you have a Quooker boiling water tap? Add a CUBE sparkling water upgrade – fitting just £99 plus 5 CO2 cylinders for FREE allowing you to enjoy 300 litres of fresh sparkling water on us! Call 01420 544995


3) Lighting

As more people work from home, the cross-over between living space, food preparation and home-office means your kitchen needs to serve your ever-evolving lifestyle requirements throughout your day. The use of zones rather than a “kitchen triangle” or “working triangle” is now a more accepted way of designing kitchens. Zones can be marked by changes of lighting state, use of feature lighting or highlighting areas with LED spotlights. Giving the modern family a more flexible and creative use of their space.

Flexible living space requirements also means the opportunity to add new features to accommodate – particularly in lighting. While pendant lighting has grown popular in recent years, we’re seeing a new shift towards the slightly more contemporary horizontal bar lighting that hangs just like pendants. These lights help create an open, symmetrical and balanced feel to your kitchen in a subtle fashion. Fancy getting techy? New lighting technology means your lights can connect to your Wi-Fi and be controlled from your phone to allow fingertip control of lighting states at any time of the day or night.

We recommend browsing Pinterest for some lighting inspo!


4) Bespoke design

As we spend more and more time at home, we grow to appreciate just how much our environments mean to us and how they can affect our mood. Tired, cramped and badly planned spaces are likely to leave you feeling uncomfortable and stressed, especially if you have to spend all day at home.

Crafting the perfect home space which prioritises your personal needs both in comfort and practicality is fast becoming the most popular way of kitchen design. Especially as the current situation means families spend more time in their homes. Bespoke kitchen designs allow you to create a beautiful space with unique designs that work with your family’s needs and ensure that every member of your family feels at home in the kitchen.


5) Forest Green

Bringing the outside in! We’ve been seeing more of this deep, earthy forest green in interior design and we think it will be huge for kitchens in 2021. This beautiful saturated tone works incredibly well with different luxury worktops and handle finishes to give your kitchen space a rich and soothing feeling of bringing nature back into the home.

Whatever your choice of colour scheme, our suppliers can achieve the look you want, to match the rest of your home or create a vibrant splash of colour that leaves you feeling refreshed!

Appliance manufacturers have been quick to respond to the trend and now many appliances come in a variety of shades or can be blended into the kitchen design, seamlessly integrating with your cabinets and hidden away for a clean, uncluttered look. Leaving your kitchen feeling spacious and modern.

Check out our favourite shades from Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and Dulux.

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