3 Tile Collections to Make your Kitchen Stand Out this Spring

3 Tile Collections to Make your Kitchen Stand Out this Spring

What makes a home truly stand out to you? Flawless design? Effortless functionality? Or maybe it’s simply that you can see it perfectly suiting all your family’s needs?

At Kubo Kitchens, we believe the kitchen is truly the hub of the home, that’s why we do everything to make sure it suits you and your family to a T – both in functionality and in design.

Practicality can play a big part in the redesign or refurbishment of your kitchen, that’s why the bespoke Kubo Kitchens journey is completely unique to you and your family. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about our process and how to improve the functionality of your kitchen or stick around to learn how to truly make your kitchen suit you and your family – we’re talking style plus a really great deal!

For us, helping our customers find the perfect kitchen is not just about creating one that works for them, it is about curating a space that they love to spend time in! As open plan living has become more and more common, crafting a stunning social space has increasingly become a feature in our designs.

We are thrilled to be working with Dune  who create stunning and unique tile designs that add something a bit special to your kitchen space. Their wide range of designs in interesting shapes and various colours, are available to discover online but we thought we would explore some of their collections today to give you some inspiration!


The Shapes Collection

We think this is a really unique collection of stunning tile designs that could really transform a space. Inspired by geometry and origami, the collection features a range of both straight and organic lines that create a beautiful, repeated pattern. They can be used subtly to add texture in the same hues as your existing kitchen colour scheme, or to add as an eye-catching feature.

Explore the Shapes by Dune catalogue.

The Shapes Collection

The Minimal Chic Collection

This stunning collection is perhaps for someone looking to create an air of effortless elegance and subtle design to their kitchen. Rich in finish, these beautiful tiles offer simplicity and harmony.

Explore the Minimal Chic by Dune catalogue.


The Piccola Collection

This array of beautiful vintage-style tiles speaks to Dune Spanish origin and then add an intriguing display of detailed tiles that add a Mediterranean flair to your kitchen space. Combine these tiles for endlessly creative patterns and choose from their wide selection of colours to find the perfect ones to suit your home.

Explore the Piccola by Dune catalogue.

Aren’t they stunning? We are over the moon to be working with such a distinguished, high-touch company that produces these stunning tile designs and many more. Our partnership not only means that you’ll have our backing to browse these designs, but we’ll also provide you with free samples so you can make sure you’re selecting the perfect tile for your new kitchen.

As a Spanish company, there will be customs clearance charges for Dune orders, however Kubo will not pass these on to you, so please browse their collections and get in touch to find out how we could perfectly integrate them into your new kitchen.

We offer a free 30-minute design consultation with one of our Kubo Kitchen experts so you can feel 100% comfortable before committing to anything. Would you like to show us your current kitchen over Zoom, Facetime or Skype? We can do that too, just let us know! We can’t wait to start this journey towards you dream kitchen with you.

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